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Finding Time to Blog as a Solo Practitioner

Generally, I have tried to focus this blog on issues related to investment/securities fraud, securities arbitration, and/or consumer fraud. However, over the past several months, I have found that there has recently been so much of this activity that I have been too busy talking to securities and consumer fraud victims and have not had enough time to actually blog about it.

As a solo practitioner, one of the most difficult things to do is find enough time for everything in and outside of my practice. Unfortunately, blogging is one of the things that is easiest to “put off.” Although services like Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, etc. provide me (and other practitioners) with options to communicate other than blogging, they have their shortcomings. These services offer the convenience of sharing thoughts, ideas, etc., without spending a significant amount time – a great benefit to solo professionals. However, they are not full substitutes for blogging.

Personally, while I have had difficulty finding time to blog over the past few months, I have continued to post to Twitter and Delicious. Even I incorrectly justified this activity as a substitute for blogging. Unlike these other services, a blog provides an outlet for communicating to an audience in a personal way and without the limitation of 140 characters. Additionally, this can be a great outlet for escaping, at least temporarily, the rigors of the everyday practice of law.

If you follow my blog, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter and Delicious. Someday soon, I will figure out a way to integrate my activity on these (and other) services with my blog. If anyone has any ideas for doing so, please send me an email.

In conclusion, I apologize to everyone who follows my blog for my lack of recent updates. However, I making a commitment to writing a minimum of one blog post per week going forward and look forward to your continued following.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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