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Securities Arbitration Claims Rise by 65% from 2008


Helen Kearney, of recently reported that as of August 2009, more arbitration claims had been filed than in all of 2009. Although there was a slight downturn in the number of claims filed in August, it is unclear whether this trend will continue.

In large part, the number of claims will likely depend on what happens in the markets over the next few months. In addition, there are different types of investments that have been the subject of significant arbitration claims, including auction rate securities and other cash-equivalent funds. Some of these investments have also been the subject of regulatory investigations and settlements. The outcome of those pending investigations could impact the number of cases filed during the remainder of the year.

If you have concerns about the manner in which your investments have been managed, or if you are worried that an investment you own may not be what you thought you had invested your money in, you should contact an attorney to discuss your rights. The Kueser Law Firm represents individuals in securities arbitration. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

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