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Click the videos below to learn more about various issues in securities and investment related cases.  You can also view more of these videos at our firm’s YouTube page.

What Are Securities?

What are Blue Sky Laws?

How Do Attorneys Decide Which Securities Fraud Cases to Pursue?

What are Typical Causes of Action in Securities Law Cases?

What is Securities Fraud?

What is Investment Fraud?

What is a Misrepresentation in the Context of Securities Fraud?

What is a Material Fact in Reference to a Misrepresentation in Securities Fraud Cases?

What Does Suitability Mean?

What is Churning?

What is Unauthorized Trading?

What is Selling Away?

What is a Brokerage Firm's Duty to Supervise?

Can Brokerage Firms Be Held Responsible for the Actions of Their Stockbrokers or Employees?

What is FINRA?

What is Arbitration?

What is the Arbitration Process Like?

Do Cases Settle Before Arbitration?

What is a Securities Class Action?

What are the Stages in a Securities Class Action?

What are the Benefits of a Securities Class Action?

How Long Does the Legal Process Take in Securities and Investment Cases?

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