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Stockbroker Expungement Attorney

The Kueser Law Firm represents brokers and financial advisors in FINRA expungement cases involving complaints reported on their U4 or U5.  

Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors Can Remove Customer Complaints from Their Permanent Record Through the FINRA Expungement Process.  

Customer complaints against stockbrokers and financial advisors are serious.  Whether or not a customer substantiates or proves their complaint, it can have a big impact.  In the financial services industry, the CRD records complaints on a stockbroker or financial advisor’s permanent record.  Consequently, these complaints negatively impact a stockbroker or financial advisor’s practice.  

FINRA Expungement cases are Usually Very Complex Matters.

Ordinarily, FINRA expungement cases are technical in nature and brokers and financial advisors should not try to navigate a case on their own.  Specifically, FINRA provides a special arbitration procedure for expungement cases.  As a result, the stockbroker must follow specific rules regarding filings, discovery, hearings, and providing notice to the customer.

FINRA Expungement Cases Typically Arise in Three Situations.

Generally, there are three specific situations in which FINRA expungement cases come up.  

First, a customer files an arbitration claim against a firm and the broker/advisor.  In that instance, the broker/advisor can request an expungement in the arbitration case.

Second, a customer files an arbitration claim against the broker-dealer firm but does not name the broker/advisor. In that situation, the broker/advisor can file a motion to intervene in the arbitration and seek expungement.

In both of the above-referenced situations, the broker/advisor could also wait until the conclusion of the arbitration and file a separate arbitration claim for expungement against the broker-dealer firm.

Third, a customer files a complaint against the broker/advisor but does not file an arbitration claim.  The CRD still records many of these complaints on the broker/advisor’s BrokerCheck report and can impact their professional reputation.  In those instances, the broker/advisor can still take steps to have that complaint expunged.

To Win a FINRA Expungement Action, a Stockbroker or Financial Advisor Must Prove One of Three Things.

Prevailing in a FIRNA expungement action, requires the broker/advisor to demonstrate one of the following:

  1. The claim, allegation or information was factually impossible or clearly erroneous,
  2. The registered person was not involved in the alleged investment-related sales practice violation, forgery, theft, misappropriation or conversion of funds, OR
  3. the claim, allegation or information is false.

Again, proving one of the factors above often involves a technical application of law.  As such, a stockbroker or financial advisor seeking expungement should consult with a FINRA expungement lawyer.

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The Kueser Law Firm represents stockbrokers and financial advisors in expungement cases.  If you would like to speak with an attorney about an expungement matter, please complete the form below or call us at (816) 374-5865.


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