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A Brave Woman

A woman came forward, that woman was brave

She came to share things some men wished she would save

Those men were all scared cause they knew she spoke true

‘Bout things that had happened in July 82

Including the room and being pinned to a bed

And laughter of two she couldn’t rid from her head

She spoke of these things and of some who were there

But the men only vaguely pretended to care

The brave woman went on, told more of the event

The angry man she ID’d 100 percent

She said two boys trapped her in one of the hallways

The angry man was one – she’ll remember always

Then after she spoke the men all gathered ‘round

Then the angry man spoke and his fist he did pound

He cried and then said a swell guy he could be

And how he liked beer, oh he liked to drink skis

He spoke of his dad and his girls as he plead

While sweat, fear, and rage poured right out of his head

He spoke of gas and of quarters, yes 25 cents

But the things that he said, well they didn’t make sense

Boofing and flatulence are not the same

Devils Triangle is not really a game

He shared all the more and talked all about datebooks 

And rage it came out as he shared lots of hate looks

He said “it’s not me,” no way that it could be

I was just hanging out with Mark, PJ, and Squi

I am wrongly accused – worked my ass off to get here

And oh did I mention I really like a beer

This is all a big lie, it couldn’t be me

This is clearly a setup from Hillary C

Or maybe from Bill, who angry man didn’t like

He drank some more water and sat at the mike

A woman then spoke asking ‘bout all the drinking

You ever got drunk angry man asked without thinking

But the woman said no, my dad struggled with that

Angry man feigned respect for the nice democrat  

When he thought that his dream could be slipping right by

Angry man said I’m sorry but it seemed like a lie

And after his rant why the angry man left

But not before beating his hands to his chest

Then all of his rage spread right into Graham

Who with rage in his face called the whole thing a sham

He dismissed the brave woman, he called her a pawn

And he shouted out loudly with anger and brawn

Why this just isn’t fair to the poor angry man

Who was critical to the Republican plan

And though they refused to hear from Merrick G

They tried to push angry man to the S.C.

Then one of the men, they call him J Flake

Said let’s not be rash and make a mistake

After talking with others, Flake said not today

Let’s have a close look a the past of Brett K

One week and no more but the check will be thorough

Instead it turned out to be more of a furrow

The bureau was hamstrung by President Trump

Who mocked the brave woman and acted a chump

He tried to poke holes in the things that she said

While wearing a stupid red hat on his head

The woman and others came out in dismay

And said we have more – much much much more to say

Some who knew angry man said they thought he had lied

But nobody asked them, no nobody tried

To get to the truth or find out what they knew

No the week just went by without anything new

The sham as it was turned out only to be

That the men cared at all ‘bout the brave woman, C

No the men didn’t care, the truth wasn’t their aim

Yet another display of political shame

The Flake yes he melted his colors shown through

And Collins and Manchin they also flaked too

And despite the brave woman and what she had to say

The angry man will likely become Justice K

If this makes you mad, or sits wrong in your throat

There is a solution –  get out there and VOTE!

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